A testimony section dedicated to those who suffered a mix of multiple conditions, who recovered with the use of Crypto PPARs.

Diabetes, Hypertension

Name : Che Habdullah Bin Yusoff

Age : 58

Sex : Male

I am a diabetic patient and I also suffer from hypertension. My eyesight has been affected seriously by diabetes and I was almost blind. These two diseases also made my body became very weak. Due to my health problems, I couldn’t do anything much. Since then, I was frustrated, easily agitated and I always isolated myself from other people. Luckily, I was introduced to Crypto by my friend. After taking it, I became healthier and cheerful. My eyesight is almost fully recovered now and my glucose level has dropped from 24.2mmol/L to 6.8mmol/L. Besides that, my blood pressure is normal and I feel more energetic now. Although I have not recovered 100% yet, I am increasingly getting better. I would like to thank Allah for Crypto.

Gastric, Vaginal Discharge, Cystitis, Constipation

Name : Shirley Tham Lai Wah

Age : 39

Gender : Female

For the past 20 years, I had gastric, sourness in my stomach and gas in my stomach. Every time my gastric hurts, I had to see a doctor and take some medicines, I was not allowed to eat sour or spicy food. Other than that, I was having a lot of vaginal discharge and suffering from cystitis. No medicine could help me. I also had this constipation and was only able to defecate every 4 to 7 days. Therefore, I needed to take laxatives to solve this constipation problem. On April 2004, Kim Khew and Cindy adviced me to consume Crypto (5 tablets in the morning and 5 tablets at night) and Fibro Fruit (1 sachet per day). After 10 days, I found a lump in my breast. I was then advised to consume 10 tablets of Crypto in the morning and 10 tablets at night. Ten days later, the lump in my breast was gone and my menstruation was in order. At the same time, my constipation problem decreased. One month later, my gastric problems came back. Usually, I would go to see the doctor and also take some painkillers but this time, the pain has decrease after consuming Crypto. After 3 months, all three of my problems disappeared. My gastric problem has not surfaced again. I would like to thank this product as it has helped me regain my health.

Gastric, Constipation

Name : Tsau Yit Chan

Age : 47

Gender: Female

I have been suffering from gastric and have been on gastric medication for more than 10 years. Due to this problem, I was not able to eat sour food and most fruits, such as pineapples, oranges etc. If I did so, I would have terrible gastric pains and then, had to take medication. Since I could only eat a limited range of fruits, I was also having constipation. I was only able to go to the toilet about 5 times a week and had a hard time finishing the task. Besides that, there were pigmentations on my face and I was always feeling lethargic. During August 2003, I was introduced by Sophia to take Crypto. I consume 75 tablets of Crypto per day. Besides that, I also consume 2 bottles of Crypto extract per week. For the first two months, I was having sore throat, mouth ulcers and pimples erupting on my face. Anyway, I didn't stop because I understood that it was part of a detoxification process. After one month, there was a great improvement in my health. I was surprised that I could eat fruits like green apple and orange without any discomfort. I am able to go to the toilet everyday and my energy level is excellent. After a few months, the pigmentations on my face have also decreased. Now, I've totally stopped my gastric medications and I'm able to eat all kinds of fruits. Crypto is fantastic!