A testimony section dedicated to those who recovered from cancer or any forms of it with the use of Crypto PPARs.


Name : Phan Yoke Chen

Age : 45

Gender : Female

I suffer from carcinoma of the breast on the 19th of Sept 1996. I underwent mastectomy of removal of the metastic lymph. However, on the 26th of Sept, via CT-Scan, it was confirmed that the tissue had metastasized to the liver. The disease entered into the third state. At the end of October, I begin to have the chemotherapy until Feb 1997. Nonetheless, the following CT-Scan showed no improvement but there was increase on nepotistic sports. I then rejected the further chemotherapy and turned to consume Crypto; liver powder and insecticide free vegetables as well as drinking healthy fruit juices. I also carried out the "Qi" martial art 4 hours per day. In June 1997, I had the liver function test. Surprisingly it showed completely normal. Following CT-Scan also revealed the liver and the lung having no metastatic sports. Moreover, with the help of Crypto, my mental attentiveness and fitness increased tremendously.

Neck Cancer

Name : Chew Ah Seng

Age : 59

Gender : Male

I had neck cancer 13 years back. Recently, the cancer re-occurred on my left cheek. I had a major operation to remove my entire left cheek bone at the Hospital. I have noted that I recovered from the operation almost immediately. I had no hangover or side effects. I was also able to walk and move around on the second day after the operation and on the fourth day, I could talk and consume fluid. After a week, I feel as good as new. My stitches were healed. I started consuming one vial of Crypto Extracts, 30 tablets of Crypto a day for the last month before the operation and I am still consuming the products. I have full confidence of the products and recommend them to everyone.