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Crypto PPARs – The World 1st genetic code repair product.

100% Bio-Organic Algae with the most complete profiles of all vitamins and minerals that human needs & having the full spectrum of Bio-PPARs Profile that contains all Alpha, Beta & Gamma agonist.

Crypto PPARs contains rich nutrition for the human body, and amazingly its NATURAL components and nutrition ratio is ideal for the specific demands of our body. Crypto PPARS which is rich in proteins and essential amino acids, It contains high amounts of natural vitamins like Beta-carotene, vitamin A, B, C and E, all of which are necessaries to maintain our growth and health. It is also rich in minerals like selenium, which is believed to have anti-cancer properties. Unlike other animal products or synthetic food, all nutrients of Crypto PPARs are botanical, organic, and are absorbed suitable by the body without side effect. Most importantly, Crypto PPARs contains natural phycocyanin and PPARs agonists.

Why we need CRYPTO PPARs ?

  • 100% PURE Cryptomonadales with PPARs certified


Crypto PPARs be able to aid

“In the prevention of cancer developments due to a combination of effects including selenium content, the phycocyanin compounds, and the agonistic activities of Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor (PPARs)”

I have suffered from diabetes since November 1998. For the first 3 years, I felt tired, lethargic and giddy. Besides that, my blood sugar levels have been very inconsistent. After the consumption on Crypto since September 2001, there has been a lot of improvement in my health generally. Now my blood sugar level has dropped, and I feel more energetic. I would like to express my deepest gratitude towards Crypto, which has brought back my confidence in life. I would highly recommend this remarkable product to friends, hoping that we will all lead a happier and healthier life.

Chuo Pick EngDiabetes

My name is Haji Mohd Bin Kuntok. I am from Kg. Seminang and I am 67 years old. Fatimah Binti Bujang aged 59, who is my wife, was diagnosed with Gout by a specialist doctor when we went for a check-up at a hospital in Johor. She had tried a lot of medicine prescribed by the doctor but all of them didn’t work. After that, one of my friends introduced me to Crypto. After my wife had consumed this product for 3 to 4 months, I saw a dramatic change in her. Her health is getting better and she can stand and walk by herself. Thank you Crypto!

Haji Mohd Bin Kuntok

I have a friend on insulin injection since age 36, now 57 years old, hb1ac reading was going higher and higher until introduced by me for him to take Crypto. His hb1ac rading has improved much to the surprise of his doctor. His cholestrol has also improved from more than 6 to 3.8.

Another diabetic friend experience itchiness in the legs. After consuming Crypto PPARs, the skin itchiness disappeared. Now regularly take Crypto PPARs.

Abdul Malek OthmanDiabetes

I have been suffering from diabetes and heart disease for a long time. I had undergone a heart operation. Besides that, I was also facing a blood circulation problem which always leads to pains in my leg. Before consuming Crypto, my blood sugar level was always around 16 – 17 mmol/L and my body was very weak. After consuming 30 tablets of Crypto per day for a month, my sugar level dropped to 10 mmol/L and then to 9 mmol/L which had never happened to me before. My leg is no longer in pain and I can walk about freely now. I also feel more energetic. I will continue consuming this product as it is a fantastic organic food. Thank you Crypto!



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